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Pouring Transparent Watercolor with Jean Grastorf

Pouring Transparent Watercolor with Jean Grastorf

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Jean Grastorf demonstrates her signature watercolor technique of pouring transparent colors directly onto the paper in this art lesson from ArtistsNetwork.TV. In Pouring Transparent Watercolor with Jean Grastorf, she forgoes a brush, masking areas she wants to keep white, then transparent watercolors directly onto the paper, allowing the watery colors to mingle on the surface. Then, she goes in with a brush to add details and define the elements and balance the values.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of pouring transparent watercolors, a great technique for loosening up your painting and creating a lively background. You’ll also develop great painting techniques for building up color and using the right amount of pigment when pouring onto the paper, and how to create a warm painting using predominantly yellows and reds and how to balance out the values of the same hues. Most importantly, though, you’ll find that tackling watercolor scenes such as this doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be a fun, energetic process with a lot of flexibility and “play” involved.

Preview Pouring Transparent Watercolor with Jean Grastorf to learn how to mask out the whites to preserve them in your painting. Then, visit ArtistsNetwork.TV to stream the entire video, or purchase the DVD or download it from

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