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Oil Painting Techniques: Night Landscape with Brian Keeler

Oil Painting Techniques: Night Landscape with Brian Keeler

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Learn how to infuse your paintings with dramatic light, even when the hour is getting late, for a beautiful spin on painting landscapes in oils. In this art lesson, Brian Keeler demonstrates his favorite painting techniques to create a moody evening landscape, painting with a focus on the subtle contrasts of value and color. In this nocturne, you’ll get to see how warm and cool contrasts create a beautiful night scene. You’ll love his lessons for creating strong compositions to identify the “sweet zones” of a painting and divide the space on a canvas, mixing oil colors to create dark and light values, plus tips and techniques for brushwork, edges and more.

Paint the Night Fantastic
Here in the northern hemisphere, the nights are getting longer as we head towards fall, but there’s no reason to restrict your landscapes to the shorter hours during the day. After all, if Van Gogh had only painted daytime scenes, we’d never have one of the most famous paintings in the world, so why not try your hand at painting an evening scene? Brian’s landscapes capture the stunning beauty of dark lakes and big skies, rolling hills and comfortable, well-lived in homes. There’s a sense of space to his paintings that make the viewer feel as if time has paused so we can take notice of the wonder before us.

You’ll also love Brian’s easy-to-follow instruction, which makesOil Painting Techniques: Night Landscape such a great way to learn, and includes:

  • lessons on brushwork, edge control, painting landscape features and more
  • techniques for creating a strong composition and foundation for your painting
  • color and value tips for conveying mood
  • painting trees, buildings, other landscape elements in a night landscape

Visit ArtistsNetwork.TV or to preview the video to learn great techniques for painting a night landscape filled with life and color. Watch for tips on composition, edge control, color texture and richness, and how to add effective highlights to direct the viewer through the painting.

You can learn more about Brian Keeler in this interview with ArtistsNetwork.TV. Then, stream Oil Painting Techniques: Night Landscape, purchase the DVD, or download it from Plus, check out the other fantastic art lessons taught by Brian Keeler, ranging from luminous landscapes to painting portraits.

Watch the video: The Art of Still Life Painting- with Brian Keeler (July 2022).


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