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Paint a Palm Tree with a Sponge

Paint a Palm Tree with a Sponge

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Use a Sponge to Paint a Palm Tree in Acrylic

Brushes are expensive, but sponges are not. So the sponge techniques used by Terrence Lun Tse are ideal when you don’t want to spend a ton of money on new brushes to work with your acrylic paints, and you’ll get a chance to broaden your repertoire of painting techniques.

In this art lesson, you’ll learn how to use sponge painting techniques to create a two beautiful landscapes. In the first, you’ll discover how to paint a beach scene, complete with sand, ocean and palm tree. Then, you’ll learn how to depict a beautiful fog-covered tree and mountain scene, all while using Terrence Lun Tse’s favorite tips and tricks using household sponges.

Preview the video below to learn how to use your sponge to highlight the trunk of a palm tree and add sweeping branches and highlights. Then, get the whole video by streaming it at ArtistsNetwork.TV, or buy the download or the DVD at

The best thing about this video is that it’s so easy to do! While it’s great for beginners, painters with all kinds of experience can learn something valuable from Tse’s techniques, from how to layer paints to create a sand effect, blend colors to get a beautiful sky and water, or how to use the sponges themselves as an additional tool in your painting kit.

Watch the video: PAINTING TUTORIAL Acrylic Ocean for Beginners. Katie Jobling Art (June 2022).


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