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Paint Incredible Light Texture

Paint Incredible Light Texture

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We have a two-for-one pick this week at Jen’s Picks! The uncharacteristic and wonderfully mild weather we’re having this August in Cincinnati is inspiring us to want to paint landscapes full of light and color before the darker days of Autumn set in.

First up, there’s Vivid Color Landscapes: M. Katherine Hurley Paints Pastels, where you can learn fantastic pastel techniques for painting vibrant color onto wheat fields. Covering basic pastel painting techniques such as underpainting and depicting elements with basic shapes, this pastel painting demonstration shows you how to create interesting landscapes of your very own.

Preview it here, and then watch it at or download it from

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dreaming of beaches all summer (but haven’t had a chance to get to one yet. What’s up with that?), so I decided to go for the next best thing: painting some beautiful tropical scenes in watercolor. Watch watercolorist James Toogood create a tropical scene, step-by-step and learn some fantastic watercolor techniques you can apply to your own painting. You’ll learn how to establish a strong composition using the horizon line and vanishing points to depict the beautiful architecture of St. Georges, Bermuda and a stunning beach scene. You’ll learn how to capture a sense of light and depth and discover how to paint light textures that are vibrant and lifelike by adding layers of paint with a unified sense of color.

We like this video because it’s great for watercolor artists of all skill levels. You’ll be able to pick up new techniques and be inspired to create your own compositions from the landscapes and cityscapes around you, and whether you’re just beginning to paint with watercolors or have refining your style for years, you’ll learn some great new tips and tricks to make your watercolor paintings sparkle with light and intensity.

Preview Incredible Light and Texture in Watercolor with James Toogood below for a sneak peak at how he layers color to create the sense of light and shadows, then watch the full video at ArtistsNetwork.TV.

You can also download Incredible Light and Texture in Watercolor with James Toogood at

The best thing, though, is that pastels and watercolor aren’t mutually exclusive. Feeling undecided as to what techniques you want to try? These videos offer some great beginnings, but why not try some of them in combination with each other? Start with vivid layers of watercolor to create a strong underpainting, then add strokes of pastel to add back in highlights? So many infinite possibilities, so little time left in the summer, so get out there and get some great summer landscape painting in!

Watch the video: Vermeers Camera and Tims Vermeer (July 2022).


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