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Colored Pencil Workshop with Gary Greene

Colored Pencil Workshop with Gary Greene

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As far as ease of use, portability and cleanup, it doesn’t get much easier than drawing and painting with colored pencils, but there are some tricks and tips to getting great results. Here, he gives you some basic techniques to take your art from “whoa” to “wow!”

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use some of these tools to improve your art immediately, whether you want to create a sketch for practice or a finished painting in colored pencil.

Preview Gary Greene’s Colored Pencil Workshop to learn easy techniques such as layering and burnishing to create amazing realistic apples and flowers. You’ll learn how to layer and blend colors like a master, for immediate results.

Check out how this apple progresses in color to see what a difference layering colors makes, then tune in to watch how it happens.

You can also stream the entire video on Artistsnetwork.TV or get a copy of the DVD.

Watch the video: Preview. Painting Flowers in Colored Pencil with Gary Greene (July 2022).


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