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Acrylic Collage Techniques with Merle Rosen

Acrylic Collage Techniques with Merle Rosen

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This week’s Jen’s Pick takes us back to ancient 2008, but there’s nothing dated about the excellent instruction in these two videos. In these video workshops on acrylic collage, Merle Rosen takes a looser, more dynamic approach to painting and mixed media, by incorporating unconventional painting techniques, materials and collaged elements into her work. She advises artists to be present with the painting and pay attention to it without a set plan and to allow it to evolve and speak to you as you work.

Preview Acrylic Materials and Techniques with Merle Rosen to learn some of her favorite ways of incorporating unusual objects and add texture to her art. From old yoga mats to homemade stamps, you can use just about anything to add unique forms and texture to your painting. Stream online at

In the Step-by-Step Guide to Acrylic Collage, you’ll learn how to evaluate composition and problem-solve on the go, as well as how to add in the details that make a painting really stand out. Preview the video to see how adding a belly button and a hat to her figure add excitement to her work.

The best thing about these videos is that art techniques and inspiration can come from a variety of sources, not just a brush and and paint. By adding in these nontraditional tools and techniques, abstract and traditional painting gets a fresher, looser look and feel, and the result is energetic, vibrant work. If you’re looking to break out of a creative rut or work outside the limitations of paint brushes and applications, these videos are for you.

Watch the video: Collage Techniques The Art League School (July 2022).


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