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Draw the Special Animals in Your Life

Draw the Special Animals in Your Life

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I love my dog, Cowgirl.

Well, that’s an understatement. I talk to her, give her 10-year-old joints “puppy massages,” and scratch her head as she follows me from room to room, always alert and curious about what’s going on. I taught her how to give me a high-five, to balance things on her head, to be quiet and to “speak.” Within a few days of her adoption, I named her “Even Cowgirl Gets the Blues,” a tongue-in-cheek play on the Tom Robbins novel of a similar name. Friends and family know her, a border collie/Australian Shepherd mix, simply as Cowgirl.

My husband made up a song for her, inspired by The Temptations’ song, “My Girl.” Oh yes, she is adored. We recently had our family portrait taken; each member in our family posed for his/her individual headshot, including you-know-who. Her picture will be framed alongside ours, as she is a member of our family, just like so many beloved pets.

It’s funny how animals can capture one’s love and attention, whether they live with us side-by-side, or if we just see glimpses of them by chance in nature. To draw animals takes a studious eye and knowledge of their habitat, anatomy and even stereotypical features, such as the guarding nature of a dog.

Lee Hammond is an artist who can not only draw animals such as dogs, butterflies and rabbits with a skilled hand, but who can also teach others how to do so. Take advantage of this special DVD offer of Lee’s Draw Animals in Nature, so you can learn how to draw both the special animals in your as well as the animals that interest and inspire you.

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