How Do You Define Success?

How Do You Define Success?

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How do you define success? Having a lot of money is an obvious answer, but what about satisfaction in knowing that you absolutely tried your best? When someone interviewed me recently, she asked how I define success. I surprised myself a bit when I referred to several material things; perhaps because they’re tangible. But I added that the ability to feel joyful nearly every day is a sign of success for me, a statement that is as true today as it was back in college when I only had about $10 extra to spend each week and lived on noodles and coffee. Money, I realized, has little to do with it.

I hope that as an artist, you feel successful when you’ve taken some time to dedicate to your art. It could be sketching for practice, painting what you hope to be a masterpiece, reading about other artists, taking an art class, browsing an art supply store or visiting a gallery. All of these things will in some way push you a step forward, and help build the momentum of your desire to create. In my humble opinion, we’re each successful as long as we don’t stop.

While you may not feel inspired to actually paint or draw everyday (although I hope you do), when you need a little push, one resource you can always rely on is one of our family of fine art magazines, including Watercolor Artist, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary (subscribe today and get a free gift). Editor Kelly Kane couldn’t have said it better: “I hope that the diverse collection of watermedia painters, tips and techniques inspires you for many years to come.” Ditto.

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