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Animal/Wildlife Winners in the 2012 Annual Art Competition

Animal/Wildlife Winners in the 2012 Annual Art Competition

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Congratulations to the winners of Magazine‘s 29th Annual Art Competition‘s animal/wildlife category. Read more about these artists and their works in the December 2012 issue, available at

The juror for the Animal/Wildlife category this year was Koo Schadler. Click here to learn what she looked for when choosing the winning paintings.

Animal/Wildlife Winners

First Place: Michael Dumas
Peterborough, Ontario


Second Place: Vincent Giarrano
Washington Depot, Connecticut


Third Place: Grace Kim
Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Honorable Mention: Holly Bird
Palm Harbor, Florida


Honorable Mention: Marina Dieul
Montreal, Quebec


Honorable Mention: Tiffany Miller Russell
Broomfield, Colorado

View the winning paintings in our Portrait/Figure, Floral/Still Life, Animal/Wildlife, Abstract/Experimental and Landscape/Interior categories. And, enter your best work today (missed the deadline? Don’t worry – check back soon to see when the competition will be accepting entries for next time).

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