Dont Struggle with Perspective Drawings Like I Did

Dont Struggle with Perspective Drawings Like I Did

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Can you think back and remember what it was like to really struggle with a concept? Ive got no pride. Ive done this a ton of times–riding my bike, algebra, Avogadros number…and perspective drawing. I thought once I got to college and started studying the stuff I really was passionate about I wouldnt stumble anymore. Wrong!

Perspective drawing was really hard for me to recognize in works of art. But starting to apply it or recognize where vanishing points were in works made me cross-eyed.

Fresco employing foreshortening by Melozzo da Forli.

I did eventually get it after tons of perspective drawing lessons from a dear friend who drilled me over and over again about this stuff, but it was a struggle. You dont have to go through that. Perspective Made Simple is one of the most useful artists resources that I can recommend because it takes a topic that many artists struggle with and makes it concise, straightforward, and understandable.

And whats really ideal is that the producers made Perspective Made Simple from the artists perspective (no pun intended). What I mean it is tailor-made with your concerns and goals in mind as a painter or draftsman.

Interested? Watch a couple of clips from Perspective Made Simple and see how uncomplicated the whole idea of perspective drawing becomes.

Perspective Made Simple: Spacing Objects Equally in Space

Perspective Made Simple: How to Draw Shadows


Watch the video: How To Draw ANY SCENE in PERSPECTIVE - Tutorial (July 2022).


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