Is It Ever Too Late to Start Painting?

Is It Ever Too Late to Start Painting?

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Not if artist Claudia Seymour has anything to say about it. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Seymour at the Salmagundi Club in New York City to create two three-hour DVDs with her, including this years The Art of Painting Flowers in Oil.

Spring Things by Claudia Seymour, oil on linen, 2011, 18 x 24.

Meeting Claudia initially was a daunting proposition. Before we met I did my research to discover that she paints a fantastic array of floral still lifes using both oils and pastels. I called her office, and was told to meet her in the lobby of the prestigious Salmagundi Club, where she is currently the president. It was an honor to meet her at such a lauded organization. The 141-year-old club has been a meeting place for artist-members such as Childe Hassam, William Merritt Chase, and Howard Pyle. If youre ever in New York it is worth a visit to see their many ongoing, and free, art exhibitions.

As Claudia entered the club I found myself getting quite nervous. What made things worse was as she welcomed me into the club, she immediately tripped over a piece of my equipment. Now, I thought,Im done for. But aside from me tripping such a distinguished woman, she had the grace to give me a warm welcome with a bright smile, and we hit it off immediately from there. After we spoke for a bit on her painting instruction workshop, she told me something I was shocked to find out. Seymours work is exhibited in numerous galleries around the country but she didnt pick up a brush until she was in her 40s!

Notes for Two Horns by Claudia Seymour,
oil on linen, 2005, 24 x 22.

I was shocked that such a well trained artist could have been painting for only…well, I wont say as a gentleman never reveals a ladys age. But it just proves that at any age, with a little time and commitment, you can really dive deep into your craft. Claudia certainly has.

Weve just finished filming The Art of Painting Flowers in Oil, in which Claudia takes you into her painting practice and shows you how to compose a still life painting, light your still life art, and really think about everything you need in order to create a really beautiful artwork. I cant wait for her next workshop dealing with floral arrangements in pastel. But most of all, working with Claudia has made me think about whether it really is ever too late to start painting. What do you think? When did you start painting, and do you think it has made a difference concerning where you are now with your artwork? Leave a comment and let me know,


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