Landscape Painting Lessons from the Masters: Inness

Landscape Painting Lessons from the Masters: Inness

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Oil Paintings with a Binding Tie

These four oil paintings have something in common. But there’s something else, an incredibly valuable lesson. Have you spotted it yet?

Well, we could honor Inness for his decision to evolve over time. Clearing Up is a wonderful example of his early landscape painting style. But, influenced by painters like Corot and the Impressionists, he gradually loosened up, as evidenced by the painting called Landscape. In one of his writings, he explained that an “elabourateness [sic] in detail did not gain me meaning.”

By the time he had reached his final years, when he painted The Trout Brook and Summer Landscape, he was using landscape as a vehicle for expressing his spirituality, which is why these late paintings are so mystical and poetic. He used a tonal approach to color to create these moods, and he used geometry and structure to represent his belief that there is a supreme organizing force at work in nature. Thus, we could study Inness to discern how to infuse a painting with meaning beyond the mere representation of a place and time.

But no, if there’s one lesson that we can take only from Inness, it is this: Look at the composition in these four paintings. Notice how he placed the horizon line smack-dab in the center of the painting. As if that’s not enough, he often divides those halves into quarters. And while he’s at it, he sometimes puts a tree right in the center of the painting. In short, Inness breaks “the rules” time and again, and yet he always makes it work through a careful weighting of mass and color.

For me, that is the thing I love best about George Inness. So whenever you start feeling hamstrung by “the rules,” remember the example set by this extraordinary artist. In art, there are no rules that can’t be broken successfully. Yes, there are guidelines that are incredibly useful in helping us make good choices, but we always have the freedom of Inness.


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