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37 Tools for Powerful Landscapes

37 Tools for Powerful Landscapes

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Powerful Watercolor Landscapes
By Catherine Gill with Beth Means

Do you want more from your paintings? Ready to really “Wow!” your viewers with paintings that have more meaning, stronger values, a more interesting composition, or that special something that you can’t put your finger on, but when you see it you know it’s good? Powerful Watercolor Landscapes from Catherine Gill and Beth Means will deliver!

Divided into specific “power tools” for success, this book covers tips to help lead the eye through the painting, create a variety of moods, mix colors to avoid mud and more. Guiding you from your first observations of the landscape, through the initial layout, the back and forth in between, and the final details, Powerful Watercolor Landscapes will empower you to push your paintings to new levels!

37 Tools for Paintings with Impact!
Each chapter contains the tools to go beyond technique, giving you the power to make people want to stop and stare at your paintings.

  • Learn to make decisions before you pick up your brush
  • Organize a solid composition
  • Boss around your values
  • Enchant with engaging color

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Juneau, by Catherine Gill
Watercolor and pastel, 30” x 22” (76cm x 56cm)
Collection of Mareth and Don Warren

Middle Fork Snoqualmie, by Catherine Gill
Watercolor, 11” x 7” (28cm x 18cm)
Collection of Sandra Millison


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