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Paint Vibrant Children

Paint Vibrant Children

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Vibrant Children’s Portraits
Painting Beautiful Hair and Skin Tones with Oils
By Victoria Lisi
Take the friendly approach to painting one of art’s most challenging subjects with Vibrant Children’s Portraits from artist and instructor, Victoria Lisi. A fan of painting portraits in general, Victoria has always been intrigued with painting children, as their eyes are “open windows to the soul.”

In Vibrant Children’s Portraits you’ll follow along as Victoria shows you how to use tried-and-true oil painting techniques to achieve freshness, shiny hair, crystal clear eyes…all the qualities that will make your paintings shine with the essence of the children you paint!

To guide you each step of the way, Victoria has included
• Complete instructions and color palettes for painting luminous skin tones and hair.
• 11 complete step-by-step demos covering a broad range of complexions, ages, poses and expressions,
• Quick tips and expert tricks for making your subjects look natural.

Click here for a FREE demo on how to paint black hair from Vibrant Children’s Portraits.

Click here for a FREE demo on how to paint dark skin tones from Vibrant Children’s Portraits.

About Victoria
As a child, Victoria Lisi started drawing before she started talking. Her grandfather was a talented watercolorist, and her mother purchased art supplies for her and encouraged her to develop her skills.
Victoria graduated from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, with a BFA. She works in oil, watercolor and acrylic and has won many awards, both regional and national. Her work is available through the Max’ims of Greeley galleries in Greeley and Estes Park, Colorado.
Victoria currently teaches watercolor, painting and drawing at Aims Community College
in Loveland, Colorado. She sometimes collaborates with her husband and fellow artist, Julius Lisi, on both fine art and illustration. You can visit their website at

Order Vibrant Children’s Portraits here.

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