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Brushwork Essentials

Brushwork Essentials

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Now in Paperback!
Brushwork Essentials

by Mark Christopher Weber

Mark makes mastering basic brushwork easy, guiding you step by step through Brushwork Essentials to give you all the instruction you need to improve your brushwork in oil (or acrylics). You’ll learn how to clean and shape your brushes for maximum control, pick up paint for specific types of effects, and manipulate your strokes to get the results you want.

You’ll start out with exercises to practice the loading and strokes themselves, then follow along with painting demos to put the techniques into action as you paint landscapes, flowers, people and more! Close ups of the brushes in action and beautiful finished paintings give insight and inspiration along the way.

Click here for a FREE demo on how to multi-load your brush, so you can apply paint with more than one color at a time (which is helpful for painting rocks such as these).

About Mark
Mark Christopher Weber has been a compulsive sketcher since his earliest years. He studied painting at the University of Arkansas under Donald Roller Wilson and has been painting ever since, garnering awards long the way. You can find out more about Mark at

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