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Art Workshop Teaching Aids

Art Workshop Teaching Aids

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Experienced workshop instructor, Koo Schadler, provides free downloads of a teaching agreement, syllabus, materials list and packing list.

Koo Schadler has taught her Egg Tempera Painting and Old Master Design
workshops throughout the United States and abroad for more than 13 years.

Of the many hats I wear as an artist, the job I find both most gratifying and demanding is teaching. A full-time position would take me too often out of the studio, so I’ve opted to teach five-day workshops several times a year at venues across the country. The benefits of teaching workshops are many. Articulating what I do and watching how others paint have helped me immensely to develop as an artist, and the enthusiasm of students more than compensates for the solitude of studio life. In addition, the pay can range from moderate to very good. And the travel is fun, too! However, before you start signing up students, there’s a lot to consider.

If you decide to try workshop teaching, here are some sample documents to help you out:

Download a free sample teaching agreement here.

Check out a free sample syllabus here.

Refer to a free sample materials list here.

Download a free sample packing list here.

For practical advice and information on workshop teaching that you need to get started, see Schadler’s article “So You’d Like to Teach a Workshop” in the March issue of Magazine.

Order the digital download of the issue here.

Koo Schadler has taught her Egg Tempera Painting and Old Master Design workshops throughout the United States and abroad for more than 13 years. Her 2010 teaching schedule includes classes in Sedona, Arizona and Puerto Rico. To find information and to see her workshop schedule, visit


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