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Studio Tour: Wende Caporale

Studio Tour: Wende Caporale

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“We didn’t begin the renovation of our home 18 years ago with the singular intention of creating another studio,” says artist Wende Caporale. Her husband, artist Daniel Greene, had bought the 10- 1/2-acre property in New Salem, New York, before she met him mainly because it had a large barn, which he intended to use as his studio, as well as a 1920s carriage house, which needed renovation.

The couple designed an additional structure originally as an area for entertaining (based on an artist’s studio Greene owned in New York City)—a large open space with French doors and transom windows along the north side, balconies and a double-height ceiling—and had it built at a right angle to the carriage house.

The French doors and transom windows on the back of the addition provide plenty of north light to the artist’s studio space inside and look out on a scenic landscape patchworked with horse farms.

The studio has a sitting area in front of the fireplace for meeting and visiting with clients and guests. This view is from the entrance to the renovated carriage house.

Caporale uses the three French door areas as separate work stations for oil, pastel and, most recently, sculpture.

This photo shows a view of the guestroom, (fireplace and sitting area is to the right) and the stairway up to the loft above the guestroom (with a formal dining room which doubles as a meeting area).

Here’s a similar view.

Daniel Greene has his studio in the barn on the property, approximately 75 feet from the carriage house.

Wende Caporale is a leading pastel and oil portrait artist, specializing in children. Featured in numerous magazine articles and books, her work has been shown in museums and national exhibitions, garnering many awards, most notably from the Pastel Society of America, which has designated her Master Pastelist. Her website is


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