Drawing Basics: Drawing People Using Perspective Lines

Drawing Basics: Drawing People Using Perspective Lines

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I was browsing Burne Hogarth’s book Dynamic Anatomy the other day, and I came across a short section in his chapter on foreshortening that I found particularly helpful. It never occurred to me to treat the human body like I would a building, but Hogarth’s message was to relate the figure to the ground plane using linear perspective and perspective lines extending from various parts of the body. Hogarth’s illustrations are rather complicated, with a three-dimensional grid encircling the figure, but I believe I will start with just a few lines here and there to help me along in drawing people accurately.

Dan Gheno wrote a wonderful piece on foreshortening, and one of the illustrations we reproduced in the magazine didn’t make it onto the site. I reproduce it below.

Watch the video: Urban Sketching with Perspective Grids Help Tutorial (June 2022).


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