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Jen Picks: Paint the Sea with Claudia Nice

Jen Picks: Paint the Sea with Claudia Nice

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Capture the Magic of the Sea!
Down by the Sea with Brush and Pen
Draw and Paint Beautiful Coastal Scenes

By Claudia Nice
Nobody captures the misty splashes and weathered details of seascapes quite like Claudia Nice. In this step-by-step guide, Claudia shares her special approach to creating dynamic watercolor compositions textured with pen ink, acrylics and gouache.

Each chapter focuses on a different element of coastal scenery, including crashing waves against rocky bluffs, wide sandy beaches and gently rolling surf, colorful boats and harbors, luminous ocean sunsets, and warm tropical scenes with kids and dogs at play. You’ll find complete instructions on everything from mixing the colors of active and still water, to creating the textures of sand and rock.

With Claudia Nice, learning to paint lively seascapes is like spending a day at the beach!

Special Features

  • Includes reference photos and field studies to show you how to build solid compositions from a variety of sources.
  • Follow along through more than 60 step-by-step demonstrations ranging from short mini demos to full-scale paintings. Claudia’s instruction is simple and instructive.
  • Dozens of quick tips teach you the details that add drama and realism to your seascapes
  • 30 complete paintings will inspire you to create your own beautiful coastal scenes.

Click here to download a FREE Ocean Hue Mixing Chart from Down by the Sea with Brush and Pen.

Click here to download a FREE demo on Painting Simple Waves from Down by the Sea with Brush and Pen.

About Claudia
Claudia is a multi-media artist, but prefers pen, ink and watercolor when working in the field. She has been an art consultant for Koh-I-Noor/Rapidograph and Grumbacher, and is a certified teacher in the Winsor Newton Col Art organization. Claudia travels internationally conducting workshops, seminars and demonstrations at schools, clubs, shops and trade shows, and has her own teaching studio in the beautiful Cascade wilderness near Mount Hood, Oregon. Her oils, watercolor and ink drawings can be found in private collections throughout the world.
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