Movie poster contest

Movie poster contest

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Independent film company Ellipsis Entertainment is having a poster contest for its next film, “The Moon Under Glass.” Here’s the synopsis:

Hal is living a perfect life. Everyone adores him and everything always
seems to fall right into his hands. He’s got the looks, he’s got the
charm and he’s got Dali, his new girlfriend. Little does Hal know…his
whole world is built around him.

You can use photos from the film to create a poster, or create your own artwork—I think that’d be really cool, to use the photos and film description to inspire a new piece of art. The first place winner gets a full size print of the artwork, two tickets to the premiere of the movie, a copy of the DVD upon release, and acknowledgment in the film’s credits. Two runners-up get copies of the DVD.

The deadline for submissions is March 14, 2009. Click here to see all the guidelines and download the poster kit.

Watch the video: In The Time It Takes to Get There by Zach Braff #MoviePosterMovie. Adobe Creative Cloud (July 2022).


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