Oil Painting Demo: Casey Baughs Red Scarf

Oil Painting Demo: Casey Baughs Red Scarf

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Casey Baughs step-by-step demonstration Red Scarf.

The model who posed for the three-hour demonstration.

Step 1
After establishing the scale of the painted head and lightly indicating some of the features, Baugh applied strokes of oil color to indicate the dark color of the hair and the neutral-gray tone of the background.

Step 2
The artist was concerned with the totality of the figure, clothing, and background because they were all part of his “peripheral” vision.

Step 3
Next the instructor brought each area of the canvas up to the same level of completion before focusing on the details in the face, hair, and clothing.

Step 4
Baugh warmed the color of the background, added dark accents to the scarf, and refined the painting of the mouth, ears, and eyes.

Watch the video: Casey Baugh Demo at Scottsdale Artists School (July 2022).


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