Online Video: Inside Joseph Zbukvics Sketchbook

Online Video: Inside Joseph Zbukvics Sketchbook

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Joseph Zbukvic, Watercolor Artist‘s June 2008 cover artist, is a strong believer in the benefits of painting on location. In order to keep that “magic touch” alive, he says, one has to sketch, draw and take notes outdoors, even if the work is completed in the studio. For this purpose, he carries a briefcase full of supplies—a small paint box, a few brushes, some pencils and a sketchbook—wherever he goes. The painting begins, he says, the moment one looks at the subject, not the moment one brings paint to paper, as many believe.

Click here to flip through the pages of his sketchbook.

See the June 2008 issue of Watercolor Artist for the complete feature on Joseph Zbukvic.

Watch the video: WATERCOLOUR ON LOCATION: Joseph Zbukvic (July 2022).


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