Looking for Artists Sketchbook back issues?

Looking for Artists Sketchbook back issues?

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Here at Magazine, we get e-mails every week asking about Artist’s Sketchbook, which we put out from 2001 to 2006. There are only a few issues of the magazine still available for sale in our back issues store, so I’ve felt pretty unhelpful for people who’ve been wanting more of a magazine that was a big inspiration for a lot of artists!

Well, I will fret no longer! Our Artist’s Sketchbook 2005 2006 Annual CD is on sale now, containing all nine issues from those two years. It’s got more than 100 articles, with ready-to-use art-making prompts and exercises, plus artists’ success stories, sketchbook showcases and much more.

Just like our 2006 and 2007 annual CDs, this puppy is fully searchable and utterly portable. The Artist’s Sketchbook 2005 2006 CD will be in stock Dec. 17, and if you pre-order by Dec. 13, you’ll still get free shipping in time for Christmas.

In fact, all our CD products will ship for free in time for Christmas if you order by Dec. 13. And have a look at our sweet swag at Cafe Press, like new shirts, mugs and even magnets! (Check Cafe Press’ shipping details to see all the options and deadlines.)

Watch the video: Old 7th Grade Sketchbook Tour! (July 2022).


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