Oil Painting: GALLERY: Susan Hope Fogels Landscapes

Oil Painting: GALLERY: Susan Hope Fogels Landscapes

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In the June 2007 issue of American Artist, we discussed how the influences of a prismatic palette, a gifted teacher, and a solid foundation in drawing combined to infuse Susan Hope Fogels oil paintings with convincing realism and sublime atmospherics. Here, we showcase more of her landscapes.

Autumn Dunes
2006, oil, 9 x 12. All
artwork this gallery
private collection
unless otherwise
Awaiting Spring
2004, oil, 15 x 30.
Backyard Stream at Twilight
2004, oil, 48 x 36.

Curious Calves
2007, oil, 8 x 10.
Collection the artist.
Louse Point Quartet
2006, oil, 9 x 12.
Natures Sanctuary
2006, oil, 9 x 12.

Provincelands II
2006, oil, 8 x 10.
Twilight Beside the Pochuk
2004, oil, 11 x 14.
Twilight Pasture
2007, oil on linen,
20 x 24. Collection
the artist.

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