GALLERY: Benjamin Shambacks Still Lifes and Charcoal Drawings

GALLERY: Benjamin Shambacks Still Lifes and Charcoal Drawings

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In the November 2006 issue of American Artist, still-life artist Benjamin Shamback explained how an energetic underpainting gave life to his carefully refined oil works on metallic surfaces. In this online exclusive gallery, we offer more still-life images as well as three charcoal drawings.

2006, oil on aluminum,
13 x 7. All artwork this gallery collection the artist unless otherwise indicated.
Glasses on Red 3
2006, oil on aluminum, 18 x 24.
20005, oil on copper, 13 x 10.
Paper and Seashell
2005, charcoal on mylar, 18 x 24.
Paper and Seashell
2005, oil on copper, 12 x 12¾.
Blue Pitcher
2005, oil on copper, 18 x 24. Courtesy Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Wine Bottles on Red
2006, oil on copper, 18 x 24.
Bowl on Green 5
2006, oil on copper, 18 x 24.
Pitcher with Red Block
2006, oil on aluminum, 14 x 11.

Female Posterior
2005, charcoal, 30 x 20.
Paper and Tool
2005, charcoal on mylar, 14 x 11.
Yellow Plate
2005, oil on aluminum, 10 x 8.

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