Drawing Basics: Woodcut Prints or Oil Paintings?

Drawing Basics: Woodcut Prints or Oil Paintings?

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In the March 2007 issue of American Artist, Utah artist Brad Teare used a number of techniques to give his woodcut prints a fluid, organic quality that brings them closer in appearance to his plein air oil paintings. Visit Teares website for more information.

Afternoon Walk
2002, nine-block woodcut, 9 x 10. All artwork this gallery collection the artist.
River Rocks
2005, nine-block woodcut, 11¼ x 15.
Desert Crown
2002, six-block woodcut, 8 x 9½.

Desert Blossom
2003, seven-block woodcut, 8 x 8½.
Cliff Shadows
2003, nine-block woodcut, 9 x 10½.
Rustic Sentinels
2003, eight-block woodcut, 9½ x 9.

Morning Solitude
2002, 10-block woodcut, 9 x 10.
Long Valley Morning
2002, 12-block woodcut, 9 x 11.
River Soliloquy
2002, eight-block woodcut, 9 x 11.

Door Like the Sky
2002, seven-block woodcut, 8 x 11½.
Clouds and Bluff
2003, seven-block woodcut, 9 x 9.

To read the complete feature on Brad Teare, check out the March 2007 issue of American Artist today!

Watch the video: Linocut Printmaking Process by Maarit Hänninen (June 2022).


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