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Hyperrealism in Watercolor | Rance Jones Gallery

One thing is certain about Rance Jones: The award-winning artist knows how to tell a story in his watercolor painting. Whether it’s a series of works depicting scenes from an Irish fishing village or vignettes of small-town Mexico, there’s a tale being told that delves beyond the surface, suggested in glances and gestures.
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Layering Color to Model Form in Watercolor Portraits | Watercolor Demo

Patricia Guzmán‘s watercolor portraits celebrate the indigenous people of Mexico that defy stereotype and shine a light on the displaced, disappeared and forgotten.Follow along with this step-by-step demonstration of her painting, Forgotten, below, and read more about her bold watercolor portraits in the October 2016 issue of Watercolor Artist (now available in print here and as a download here).
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Watercolor: National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition

The 88th Annual Exhibition of the National Watercolor Society is on view through November 1 at the Riverside Art Museum, in Riverside, California. Warren, winner of the society’s purchase prize for Feeding Time; Robbie Laird, who won the Loa Ruth Sprung Award for Tidal Triangle; and Richard Hanson, who won the Jack Richeson Co.
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Techniques and Tips

Improve Your Figure—With Gesture Drawings

The practice of gesture drawing is an important part of understanding the figure and its ability to create interesting shapes from limitless motions. Jon deMartin, author of Drawing Atelier: The Figure, offers guidance on this in the following excerpt.Gesture Drawing: Finding the Gesture and Orienting Forms by Jon deMartinThe figure’s line of action is a long inner axis that describes its gesture.
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